A buckle in your belt, a tassel in your shoe, fringes on your bag and frills at the hemline of your custom-made dress can be eye-catching elements which in given combinations can make or break a look.

Street style stars like Nicole Warne, Zanita Whittington and Lauren Yates, are fully conscious of certain statement-making details embedded in their highly photographable looks. Those to be praised by the global fashion media handle colours, silhouettes, embellishments and prints in an avant-garde way, introducing new ideas in terms of styling and popularizing designers or trends that are not yet fully established. Let’s see how we’ll really rock it on the streets!

PARIS - OCTOBER 1: Woman poses for photographers before Chloe show, Paris Fashion Week Day 3, Spring / Summer 2016 street style on October 1, 2015 in Paris.

PARIS – OCTOBER 1: Woman poses for photographers before Chloe show, Paris Fashion Week Day 3, Spring / Summer 2016 street style on October 1, 2015 in Paris.


Classic recipe that bloggers and fashionistas follow to the core, is adding a brightly colored detail to a neutral monochrome outfit. In can be a pair of electric blue shoes, a neon belt, a color-block decoration or bold jewellery with colourful gems.

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Oversized appliques, intricate embroidery, beading, sequins, panelling, cut-outs, and other unexpected elements with give an edgy feel to your outfit. The ‘odd thing out’ is not something undesirable but a coveted and cool detail to be followed by an array of fashion-savvy people.


Years ago designers were required to present a ‘new silhouette’ every season, and this was a real headache for them. Today we really think that forms evolve organically, so that your wardrobe maintains continuity in style and attitude. At Social Order, you gradually build up your personal collection of evening gowns and cocktail dresses.


Classics with a modern twist take on a new dimension. Legendary fashion editor Grace Coddington explained once that the only way to stand out in a crowd is by wearing clothes you’ve made yourself! You can now create your own dress, including unique motifs and wide availability of options in incorporating them to your special-occasion look!

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From a distance you will see a silhouette, a colour, or a very bold print. Yet up-close the reality of an evening dress changes dramatically.

A dislocated seam, an unwanted crease, areas where it stretches more than necessary or shagging hems, can ‘break’ a look to the point of unforgivable wardrobe malfunction. Beyond bad tailoring, other fashion disasters include cheap synthetic fabric, misplaced print, wrong colour combo, lack of proper lining or bonding, and ill-fitting parts of the dress. Styling your dress with the right accessories for the occasion is another important detail to be taken care of. An expensive dress is not always the perfect one for you. Because perfection is in the details!

Alexander McQueen Paris autumn/winter 2011 collection in Paris in March

Alexander McQueen Paris autumn/winter 2011 collection in Paris in March


Bright colours and oversized prints should typically be avoided in the curvy areas of the body. Darker colours and tiny motifs minimise volume visually, creating the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Motifs that develop into a vertical pattern are slimming too.

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Oversized pockets, embroidery, sequins, peplums, pleats, fringes and frills should be used in moderation and placed strategically so they don’t distract others from your strong assets, yet they also camouflage your weaker parts.


Structured garments need to be executed in thicker fabrics such as brocades, tweeds and hugely popular neoprene. Ethereal evening gowns, on the other hand, need lightweight silk chiffon, to be lined in areas where semi-sheerness is not acceptable or flattering.


The most crucial details in a special-occasion dress are related to how a seamstress and a pattern-maker produce a piece that follows your body contours, eases your movement, maintains its shape, and fits your measurements. At Social Order, you are able to clearly define all these factors and set your exact requirements through an advanced user-friendly design tool. And the designer-level options offered are always destined to create the cocktail dress or evening gown of your dreams!

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Every time you see Anna Dello Russo, the imaginative editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan, embracing the fun side of fashion during the Milan fashion weeks, you realise how cool, entertaining and refreshing fashion can be.

People in the industry are endlessly talking about trends, tips, and golden rules of elegance. Yet true avant-gardeness lies in the fact that we are able to break the rules and customise every single piece, from the cocktail dress to the evening gown.

MILAN, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 18: Anna Della Russo in the streets of Milan during the Milan fashion week on September 18, 2014 in Milan, Italy.

MILAN, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 18: Anna Della Russo in the streets of Milan during the Milan fashion week on September 18, 2014 in Milan, Italy.


The digital age has brought to the forefront street style stars who, in varied degrees of originality, try to embrace trends their own way. Leandra Medine from the gives us her scoop on smart layering that superficially is the opposite of what men want to see on a woman. Quite often though, her style is applauded by men too. Self-expression and confidence equal charm. Nicole Warne from updates romanticism to fit into today’s urban landscape. And Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni from the popularises a sexy version of eclecticism, mixing vintage with the latest creations. It’s the perfect moment for everyone to show off their cultural, aesthetic and ideological point of view through fashion!

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Right now there is an abundance of fashion items and products across the Internet and this is fascinating because you have endless options and freedom of choice. Social Order has created for you the easiest way to design your own dress and to build up the most efficient wardrobe mix, full of great custom-made dresses. All you need to do is submit your measurements and pick the most desirable design details for the dress you’ll be designing and ordering online. Make sure that you liked the hem, the neckline, the sleeves, the prints, and the colours. Feel free to mix & match. It’s fun!

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Sophisticated Neutrality

When your custom-made dress is subtle and ethereal, then your makeup should be natural looking.

Neutral shades in both clothing and beauty elevate your original features and silhouette, without exaggerating or covering your innate charm. This season, Social Order references the serene power of nature and the essence of feminine confidence with special-occasion dresses that enhance your own personal style. You clearly define your attitude, choose the details of the dress and order the final product online. The result is pure, comforting, and luxurious!

Neutral make up flatlay


As expected, you only use black, variations of a nude palette and neutral highlighters. Your basic tools are great-quality makeup brushes of different sizes, sponges, and pom-poms. Most frequently used products include concealers, foundations, translucent powders, felt-tip eyeliner, brow gel, and mascara. Quantities should be measured up to your exact needs, and application should happen with gentle moves. First, your face should be properly cleansed and moisturised. And before you wear your precious cocktail dress, set your makeup in place with loose powder to avoid any smudging on the silk fabric!

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You need to get rid of old-fashion fixations, such as heavy makeup necessarily complementing an evening gown. Red-carpet-wise you must have noticed that more and more celebrities deviate from the norm of loud lipstick and dramatic lashes, opting for neutral lips and a luminous gaze. It is mostly the result of good sleep, rather than heavy makeup layering. Social Order’s muse is a confident girl who sets about presenting her strong points to the world, yet defending also the weakest ones. The asymmetries and transparencies in the collection reveal more of her cool and sensual identity. Are you ready to delve into that mystique?

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The actual dress is way more charming than the sketch because it’s tangible, wearable and 3D!

Yet everything starts with a few lines on a paper or a screen that reflect your eveningwear needs. To design your own dress, you mostly need to be aware of things you feel comfortable in, the occasion that requires you to dress up, what’s missing from your closet, and what normally flatters your silhouette. Social Order’s online design tool can help you express your wishes for the perfect evening gown or cocktail dress with a few clicks and as much experimentation time as you want.

Fashion design sketch


These simple lines can tell a lot about the form of your custom-made dress which can be loose or fitted or the combination of the two, as it happens in the case of the fit-and-flare dress that easily fakes the coveted hourglass silhouette. Other details you can see in a sketch are the length of the dress, the shape of the sleeves, the type of the neckline and the hemline, the colour, and the print.

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We all start with a general idea about a cocktail dress we want to wear at a much-discussed party or the floor-sweeping gown we would rock as a high-profile wedding guest. Yet, as inspiration evolves, more functional parameters get into the picture, such as the lightness of the fabric, the ease of move a slit can offer, and how much skin you are allowed or intending to show off at a particular event. Sketching online your custom-made dresses is a rather clean process; no rubber or pencil to be used and no ink smudges on your fabulous desktop. Alterations happen in an instant, and ideas flow naturally from the set of options you have!

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