Cocktail Dresses

Versatility For So Many Occasions!

If there is a type of look you need in multitudes of variations – it would have to be the cocktail dress. A carefully curated collection of different around-knee-length frocks with statement details will ensure a prominent position among your social circles’. A cocktail outfit was once supposed to be worn at small duration events, where people were chatting over cocktails and canapés.

But since the 20’s and the late 40’s – when Christian Dior coined the original term – the context within which women are sporting such frocks has been significantly broadened to cover a multiplicity of after-5pm events.

Design Your Own Floral Print Dress from Marina on Vimeo.

Let’s see what it means to wear a one now and how Social Order can present you with an array of stunning options so that you can design your own!


Short cocktail dresses can be sported in a vast range of events including parties, charity events, art gallery and exhibition openings, store launches, dinner parties, after-office drinks, birthday parties, fashion shows, first dates at fancy restaurants and night-outs with the girls! They are less formal than black-tie events such as balls and galas, so we can simply call them luxe going-out attire. Depending on the formality of the event those frocks can be spruced up or down with the use of statement-making accessories. Their design should easily adapt to each setting, which means that it should be free from strictly evening embellishments such as crystals, beads and sequins.

         DIFFERENT STYLES      

Based on the variety of events, you need a great variety of styles – evoking different moods and attitudes. Design some sexy cocktail attire online with revealing cut-outs and slits to seduce the man of your dreams while keeping sophistication as your priority. Add an easy-to-wear number that you can easily spruce-up with jewelry and killer heels when not able to change outfit in-between events and office time. Finally, enrich your wardrobe with a sharp minimalist design such as a strapless fitted frock, or a boxy short number that blurs out your contours when not as confident about them.


This popular evening garment might be easy-to-wear and transformable; yet it also has to feel special. Have you ever thought of an easy-to-design custom-made piece? Social Order has created for you a collection of styles, prints and details (hemline, neckline and fit), that you can digitally mix and match to design an outfit for your own favorite look. It’s a magical online platform that provides you with tools of customization based on a designer-level array of fabulous options.


You need to have some really unique designs in your wardrobe, picking only those that are made of great quality materials. Sensual fabrics like silk should hug your body, allowing you to graciously move within the crowd. Great tailoring should also be a prerequisite of party-perfect attire. Shopping online through Social Order gives you full access to a treasure of exquisite styles, cuts and patterns made in Australia – Sydney and  – by la crème de la crème of pattern-makers, and seamstresses responding directly to your personal needs and desires. You get premium quality at reasonable prices and you customize it with a few clicks!


Throughout the years, cocktail attire has evolved into an array of versions that sometimes cannot be decoded easily. You might receive an invitation stating ‘semi-formal attire’ or ‘creative attire’ or maybe ‘masquerade’ and you will be a bit puzzled about the slight differences. Just remember that ‘creative’ would most probably mean greater freedom in choices, so go for some bold prints that are available in our collection. They are strategically placed on each garment Social Order makes, to look completely one-of-a-kind. Be more reserved when you receive a ‘smart business attire’ invite, which is probably an implication for a festive corporate look. What should most successfully define your outfit is location and cause. Is it taking place outdoors or inside a luxurious space and prestigious spot? What would help you even further is a hint at the guest list? How many A-listers of your community are probably invited? If other well-known fashionista’s will be in attendance, then make an effort to look stunning too. It’s not about being over-the-top… it’s mostly about looking classy!


Transcend the limits of the black cocktail dress and the convenience it provides, adopting a more daring and photographable look. Your LBD might always be a safe staple, much like the importance of having a white cocktail dress but sometimes you need to stand out from the crowd and grab attention for the right reasons. Each Social Order combo will represent you 100% and it won’t have to be boring or generic.


For this season, we definitely suggest a mix of icy pastels and bold statement colours in artistic fusion of prints that seem to abstract on attractive images from the natural environment as well as futuristic visuals. Jewel tones will always be included on the mix as well as subtle shades of pink and blue. For a sharper look, those prints are placed over a black or white background. Open up to a brighter spectrum that best reflects your perfect summer vision!


Most of the garments at Social Order are real stunners by themselves. Nevertheless, appropriate accessories – neutral or fancy – will further elevate your look. Colour-coordinate or complement your looks with the perfect sandals or pumps, necklaces, earrings, clutch, as well as hairstyle and makeup. If the print is bold, the accessories should be subtle and flattering!

       BOTTOM LINE    

One is never enough, but it’s a good start for a woman building up her style arsenal. Unique attire is always a conversation-starter at a party and this is why you need Social Order. Customization is the most fashionable attitude right now because it helps you communicate your personality in the most direct way. You will soon realize that being elegant is not always extremely expensive and unattainable. Wearing something low-key or one that dazzles should be made up of your most impressive personal characteristics. Do not, ever, compromise with what trends or designers dictate to you. Just make your own fashionable declaration and break the rules to create your own!


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