Can You Be Chic and Sultry?

More than once, you might have noticed popular performers being accused of adopting racy outfits and criticized for over-exposing their body in the least appropriate settings.

In fact, it’s very hard to keep a balance between chic and sultry.


How much to reveal and how much to cover? Which are the right places to wear a super mini or a plunging neckline? To build up a sexy look that is also classy and sophisticated requires the combined knowledge of a stylist and a designer and your innate talent in mixing the right amounts of sensuality and seriousness on a single outfit. But there are certain rules that will help you avoid the disasters and often-related wardrobe malfunctions that mostly apply to a sassy look.


If you want to show some leg, pick a more timid neckline, and if you want to minimize the length of your cocktail dress, you should probably cover your arms and lower the height of your heels. A bare back looks better when it’s the only surprise in the outfit, and a see-through panel is meaningful when it is placed over only a certain part of your body. You can even play with sheer in a peekaboo way, lining it with nude fabric or layering it over other transparencies. Nudity should tease the eyes, but always in an artful manner. It’s like the so-called ‘artistic nudes’ at the Pirelli Calendar. They are always tasteful!

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A rather revealing dress should have a certain purpose, flattering or enhancing one of your body’s best parts. If you are really confident about your décolleté, just expose it through a well-crafted deep neckline. Or if your legs are really hot, pick that short cocktail dress that leaves little to imagination but graces your audience with an amazing view. Just make sure your accessories, and the rest of the styling, work towards the same direction, for example elongating your petite figure or slimming down your less-of-an-hourglass shape. There has to be a strategy behind any part of your dress that adjusts to your special features, and that’s why it is important to customize your special occasion looks.


Some girls can look sultry in a rather innocent way, their face being rather youthful and their expression genuinely romantic. If you are one of those, keep the studs, the all-black, and all the ‘rock chick’ elements away from your sexy cocktail dress! You can look sultry in a more fragile way, with less makeup on and a sheer ballerina-inspired style. You can look sultry in white or pink lace; just leave something slightly exposed. Textures can be sexy too; things that men are intrigued to touch, something silky or fluffy, for example! But even those girls who are natural sexbombs should turn the volume a bit down, and selectively give off some of their allure. Otherwise it’s too much to bear, like too much flavour in a dish! Just swap the red lipstick for a coral shade, leave your fishnet tights at home, and wear that classy tiny outfit that was originally made for you!

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