Flower Power: The Trend That Never Dies!

We’ve seen florals in almost every decade of fashion, and now that prints are evolving into a whole digital universe, we can see more coming along our way. ‘Flower power’ is a theme that can take up endless connotations and twists; from romantic and subtle to futuristic and statement-making. Unexpected color combos, shapes, sizes, textures and effects make such a ‘traditional’ motif develop into real avant-gardeness. Are you into the new florals? Put them on your made to order dresses and shine bright!



Flowers are blooming in the spring, but they are not supposed to be worn only during that time. In the winter, they can get darker and muted, as the seasonal palette dictates, and in the summer they can either get super subtle and ethereal or bolder and crazier than ever! Dark florals are a current frenzy adopted by an array of fashionistas. They are basically bright flowers on a dark backdrop, mostly black and midnight blue. They are definitely a transitional trend but also the best-thing-to-wear in colder months. Motifs that combine warm hues – such as red – with cool ones are also coveted as long as the temperatures are high and the sunshine tans your skin! 


Most current motifs are elaborate and detailed; not so much on the minimalist side. They are also painterly in the form of brush strokes which make up the perfect 50s-inspired cocktail attire. More schematic patterns come down to the ethnic and bohemian styles. You might see florals reminiscent of artisanal embroidery and those mixed with paisleys and other repetitive folk trims. You can even see them overlapping with playful classical motifs such as stripes and polka dots. Nothing compares, though, to a digitally altered, exaggerated or touched up motif on a black or white cocktail dress. Let your imagination fly!



Miniscule or ‘petit’, medium or max-size, florals can conquer the world, especially when their placement is smart and strategic. Large motifs are placed on areas of the body you wish to maximize and mini ones are destined for areas you wish to minimize. Remember: Flowers should be located wherever they are flattering to you and probably not to the rest of the fabric. And if you put on some extra weight lately, pick the tiniest motif and just embrace the trend safely!


Sometimes florals are embroidered, appliquéd, or part of an intricate lace. You can achieve, though, similar textural effect with 3D-looking prints! Just pick the most convenient, silky and softy fabric that flows over your curves, and call for a motif people would be tempted to touch!


You can accessorize them with neutral shoes and purses, as well as plain gold or silver jewelry. You can also layer over your ‘flower power’ short cocktail dresses a bold or nude blazer, a leather biker jacket and even a parka, borrowing their solid color from your floral mix! Or you can coordinate monochrome leggings worn underneath! If proficient enough in the color game, mix different floral pieces together,  but keep in mind they should be similar in a least one defining element such as shape size, or style, as well as complementary in terms of colors. Designing my own outfit means I have the freedom to be creative and experiment with all these!


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