Styling A Single Dress From Dusk Till Dawn!

Sometimes you have literally zero time to change outfits and your busy schedule means you are heading from the office to the party with no stop-over. It means you’ve only got one dress to wear for any occasion within the next 24 hours.


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Your only way to transform it from daywear to eveningwear is the accessories and makeup products you might be carrying with you. Let’s see how you can easily turn your initial choice into a cocktail dress or a black-tie stunner!


The easiest method to glam up your outfit is a couple of statement jewelry pieces such as a dazzling necklace, a cocktail ring, or a major sparkly cuff. When used smartly and cautiously, bling can accentuate certain elements of the dress such as the neckline or the sleeves. Those pieces don’t have to be strictly matching, but they should have cohesion with the rest of the look; especially the color and the style of the dress. Do not exaggerate in quantity; just place the pieces strategically so they highlight certain areas. Earrings can bring forth your beautiful neck, for example. Sometimes a necklace and a ring are enough. The golden rule is never to put two very impressive pieces in close proximity; they will compete with each other!

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Handbags and shoes

Throw inside your carry-all a tiny black, nude or sparkly clutch that combines well with any dress. Make sure it has some room for your phone, lipstick and keys. Choose a designer piece or something really special that will elevate your dress. Take also with you a black pair of stiletto pumps or metallic evening sandals. Shoes can make or break the look, and this is why your choice should be rather eclectic and sophisticated. Decide between shoes and clutch on which one you wish to be your attention-grabber. If the shoes are eye-catching, the bag should be subtler and complementary.

Hairpins, headbands and styling

For the evening you definitely need to pin or tie your hair up using glamorous hair accessories. They can be decorated with crystals, beads, feathers and other luxe materials, that make your head look formal. Your updo can be a high bun, a low chignon, a curly side ponytail or a half-up hairstyle. Just make sure you spray your hair with a product for extra glow you carry with you in travel size. You can even use a mini dry shampoo to raise the roots a bit and volumize the look!


Even if you don’t bring with you anything of the above accessories, a red lipstick, a lasting black mascara, a concealer, and an eyeliner can do the trick. Just correct under-eye dark circles and other imperfections, then accentuate your natural features. Make the perfect cat-eye flick and you are ready to go!

The dress…

The best way to come up with a stunner that fits you perfectly and personally is to design your own dress.  Customize your all-purpose dress online with Social Order’s 2D designers platform, making a piece that boosts your confidence and ensures 24/7 sense of comfort and style. Be playful with it!

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