Custom Made Dresses Online

Social Order is a designer brand that gives users an outfit designing platform that creates Australian dresses online.

Aligned with your creativity – to make fashion a very personal matter.

Using an effective set of online customizing tools, you will be able to mold every new collection in a very efficient way. The perfect frock should be a genuine reflection of your personality, status, and lifestyle. Social-Order makes sure that no other can be more representative and authentic than that. Self-expression and freedom are words that dominate the brand’s DNA and vocabulary.


What makes SocialOrder different from most other dress shops online? What stands firm to the forefront of this company’s  philosophy is high quality. All garments are carefully made with best quality raw materials, and fabrics. Impressively skilled pattern-makers, and seamstresses are employed to bring about an impeccably beautiful product everytime.


Each frock is bonded and lined so that it keeps its shape and maintains its durability. To a great extent, it is crease-free, an asset that makes it a sublime choice for vacations. Lining it with viscose, the designer ensures that this keeps you cool and comfortably on-the-go all day long.


The design process turns out to be a selection process. At each step you will be focusing on another feature or part of your creation and you will be offered a different set of desirable options. You don’t need to carry the skills of a designer. Instead, you are enabled to assume this role by translating your personal style and taste into a charming combination of choices leading to your dream outfit!


You might be leaning more towards a relaxed style that gently covers imperfections as well as exudes a sense of comfort. Some women move better in loose clothes. Or you might be confident enough to rock a fitted style that celebrates your curves and accentuates your amazing natural silhouette. At this point you will be able to choose among the two, taking into consideration your special characteristics and preferences, as well as the occasion(s) on which you are going to sport your outfit. Usually you are more willing to wear a fitted number in the evening and a roomy one during the day. But rules are here to be broken, and you are encouraged to narrow down the whole thing into your inner desires and necessities!


Your neckline is one of the main focal points of the design. It is there to flatter your upper torso and graciously frame your face. It has to balance out the shape of your shoulders and combine well with the rest of the silhouette. Defining the way your bust is presented to the world, the neckline is also here to give first impressions and describe your whole profile including attitude, priorities and intentions. Do you like to be the center of attention? Are you bold and daring with fashion? Do you want to seduce somebody? Are you a respected career woman with great ego and responsibility? A neckline can tell it all!


If you ultimately pick a fitted style, the extra option of choosing hemline is available to you. The actual shape of it can create interesting illusions, playing with shape of your legs and coordinating with the other elements of the frock. Your hemline can be simple and linear, asymmetric, enriched with a slit, and from time to time – depending on the latest Social Order collection – can be many different things. The exciting variety of really fresh and modern hemlines will give you the opportunity to experiment with what your creation can look like with a slight or drastic twist on the initial design.


The final choice will be the print. Social Order has created for you a new line of fascinating digital prints inspired mostly by nature and science but also crowned with a futuristic/psychedelic feel. The images, printed on 100% silk, are eye-catching and sophisticated, and they are smartly placed to further elevate the design of the garment. The exact placement and positioning of these motifs differs from outfit to outfit, offering you each time a one-of-a-kind creation that is individually cut and assembled to bring forth maximum elegance and customization.


Perfect fit means that Social Order knows your measurements and matches them with your ideal size. These elegant outfits are not tailor-made but are the closest possible to your natural proportions as prescribed by your unique measurements. These numbers, that you can easily upload, will dictate the right size.


Once you are happy with your creation, your final choice is directly priced and can be added to your cart with one click. You can start over any time, changing elements and comparing prices. You will end up with a value-for-money high-quality garment reminiscent of a smart and entertaining creative process.


These gorgeous frocks are made in Australia but can be shipped worldwide at very competitive shipping rates. They will be carefully packed for you to meet the highest standards of safety and delivery. It’s the same spirit of caring for others that underlines the whole brand within online dress shopping and is clearly implied by its smartly-put name: Social Order. Throughout the fashion industry – as well as society in general – people are in mutually beneficially relationships when they are willing to listen to others’ needs. Being compassionate, generous and true-to-yourself brings happiness. Fashion is meant to make you feel happy! Let’s embrace it!


Balance out a timid neckline with a daring hemline – think of a thigh-high slit – or an intricate top part of the design with a minimalist bottom. If you are looking for something heavily designed, avoid equal drama on the print. A halter-neck redirects attention on your well-shaped shoulders, so hemline seems secondary. A high or mock neck screams for a sexy slit or smartly revealing hem style. A strapless goes well with midi-lengths lately, and a racer neck needs an infusion of femininity through a charming flared design! Quite intuitively and effortlessly, you will discover the yin and yang of fashion!


As a woman, you will be placed in the position of needing something stunning to wear for a number of special-occasions. It could be for a cocktail party, or a beach wedding, but in any case, having some bespoke formal outfits in your closet will ensure you look uniquely fantastic.

Made-to-order or bespoke doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With Social Order, you can create custom dresses using finest silk and employing an actual online designer working for you!


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