Australian-made fashion steps it up!

Australia and two of if its most vibrant cities – Sydney and Melbourne – are gradually increasing their global scope, competing with major players within the industry and offering higher standards of quality.

Design is getting relevant, innovation spans across all aspects of production, and local manufacturing retains its position. The ‘made in Australia’ tag is proudly sewn at the seams of clothes that are desirable, luxurious, and ethical in every sense. Australian designers sync with latest technology, providing their customers with multiple options for customisation. Social Order, a small digital platform that adjusts high fashion to your unique requirements, is among those who revolutionise fashion right now. Time to design your own dress; it’s not that expensive anymore!

Made in Australia


To the glorious quartet of historic fashion capitals – Paris, Milan, New York, London – you can now add names such as Tokyo, Berlin and most recently Sydney, with its exciting fashion week set and the Australian Fashion Chamber being actively supported by the CFDA in the US and similar institutions across the world. Fashion journalism heavyweight, Suzy Menkes, recently visited the city to participate in related discussions. There is a long roster of local designers participating, some of those also exporting their collections.

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There are plenty of Australian dresses online and this attests to a local knack for interactive services and fashion delivered fast at competitive prices. But what’s even more tempting is that you are able to enrich your wardrobe with custom dresses being produced locally with great care and offered within and affordable price range; definitely value-for-money, true investment pieces. A Social Order dress is the combination of choices you made out of an array of designer-level suggestions. Picking your own neck and hemline, print and silhouette, previewing the result on a virtual model, and ordering it with a few clicks, is a brand new experience!


There is amassed manufacturing talent in Australia and this is what designers gradually come to appreciate. Highly qualified patternmakers, cutters, seamstresses, embroiderers, and other artisans, are collaborating within the vast number of small fashion companies, operating in a strictly ethical manner and maintaining eco-friendly considerations. With strong voices supporting the idea of a local production and the end of labour exploitation in Third World or developing countries, fashion brands are increasingly employing Australians throughout the process.


Much coveted fabrics and techniques such as quilts, woven wools, and hand-coloured or printed silks are extensively made in Australia, originating from local communities with long heritage. Silks – chiffon and organza – are also part of the tradition since the early 20th century. At the same time, there is experimentation related to man-made fibers and digital printing. Today, an array of imaginative prints is artfully positioned on such fabrics to create avant-garde effects. The most spirited Australian textile designers appeared in the 60s, and from then on, floral, futuristic and animal print dresses have been incorporated in endless collections! Australian designers make the most of those resources to give their demanding global clientele the most fabulous evening outfits, including those sported by famous style icons on various special occasions and red carpet events!

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