Ready for the Melbourne Cup?

Moments of epic fashion transformations, are the norm when you are part of the parade, party and atmosphere of the Melbourne Cup and the spring carnival.

There are an abundance of trailblazers that push you to become creative and inventive, trying to combine an exquisite Schiaparelli-inspired lobster hat, such as this, with an equally impressive or complementary frock.

spring carnival fascinator

This is when you are endlessly looking for dresses online and you mostly need a customized solution. A statement accessory such as a hat can be the focal point of an outfit but designing an outfit around it is not always an easy task. Let’s see how you can coordinate the two.


Starting with your fancy hat, you need to fully notice the spectrum of colors used in it, as well as the identity of your accessory. Is it more on the theatrical side or on the playful one? Is it a serious headpiece or one that teases the audience? Colors dictate the mood to a great extent, with darker shades pointing to a more conservative choice and bolder ones necessitating a fun look. You don’t need to transfer all colors from the hat to the frock. Just pick your favorite for a monochrome look or an interesting print. And if matchy-matchy isn’t your thing, go for some dramatic contrasts, with black & white being at the top of the list!

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The lobster hat might give a nautical theme or it might be a nod to Dali and Surrealism. You might want to acquire a sailor or an artistic flair, depending on which character you like the most. You might to think practically and ponder on the idea of custom dresses by looking online for custom made dresses that adjust to your vision. A stand-out look in a parade of various people who thoroughly have worked on their outfits is one that exudes originality and shows that you are having fun with fashion. The crowd in Melbourne is rather fashion-conscious and for them a cool outfit can be the perfect conversation-starter; as if you were at the Fashion Week or some other coveted fashion party across the globe!


On occasions like this, you have the best opportunity to experiment with silhouettes and forms, wearing things that you are not supposed to wear or one has never seen before. Also it’s your chance to enrich your wardrobe with some made to order dresses and live that experience of creating something that directly fits your prerequisites. Try a hemline you traditionally avoid, or a color you think is not working on you. Play with an unconventional combination of shapes, or add a sassy detail that looks solely excusable in combination with your crazy statement accessory. Dare to spend a bit more money on an extraordinary hat or piece of costume jewelry, because most probably your amazing Social Order outfit will not cost you that much!

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