She’s a Doll!

With a bit of Brigitte Bardot seductive wit or the playfulness of an adolescent starlet, a very impressive woman springs up from the very strongholds of fashion across the globe.

Baby Doll Dress

If you want to design your own dress, think of baby-doll and slip-dress attributes that come to the fore and have been seen on an array of catwalks, yet with a creative twist and a personal touch. Paper-thin layers of fabric embracing your silhouette in a magical way will be the basic idea behind a good selection of new custom-made dresses.

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Floral-motif lace or similar prints on ethereal silk fabric, along with asymmetries and functional details that ease your movements, make for a good start in terms of formal dresses that don’t restrict you anymore; they are just flattering and eye-catching. Transparency is often camouflaged with attached invisible slip-dresses which are the perfect lining for a special occasion outfit. Prints are not dominating, and yet they offer a visual hint at further discussion, and even a flirtatious feel. Pastels and earthy tones are on-trend, blurring overt sensuality with an air of innocence and romanticism.


At Social Order, you can digitally create one or more formal or semi-formal dresses, picking details that fit your needs, body shape and taste. You’ll easily find your exact measurements, design, and shop what you are dreaming of for a certain party, gala, or just your regular wardrobe update. This season, accessorise your fabulous dresses with strappy sandals, small structured purses or box clutches, and minimalist jewellery pieces. Complete the look with a side-swept wavy hairstyle and neutral makeup. Everything needs to be subtle and complementary to your natural beauty. Seasonal inspiration revolves around the idea of delicate-looking yet durable creations that double as cocktail dresses and evening gowns. One piece can do both occasions!

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