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On a special occasion, you most probably aspire to adopt a one-of-a-kind outfit that will definitely turn heads.

On a special occasion, you most probably aspire to adopt a one-of-a-kind outfit that will definitely turn heads. The more representative of your personality it is, the more of a stunner it will be. The closer to your measurements it is, the better. This attention-grabber should be flattering to your body shape, and complementary to your skin, eye and hair color. Wouldn’t it be great, if you were able to create custom dresses with all these prerequisites in mind? Using the innovative online designer platform Social Order has created for you, it’s all possible and affordable!


Social Order suggests a wide range of options based on their seasonal inspiration. You can go through them online, experimenting with endless combinations of forms, necklines, hemlines, colors, and prints. An easy-to-follow design software guides you through the process of creating a frock that best meets your needs and personal style. It also helps you find the right size, so that you achieve the perfect fit. The final product of your creativity, manufactured in Australia under high quality standards, will reach your door in a beautiful packaging and with a very attractive price tag!

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Technology and the digital era has pushed fashion forward to the point that customization is attainable for more and more people. Are you looking for dress shops online? There are plenty! But you are busy enough and you can’t afford spending hours browsing for the perfect look. All you need is clicking on the most desirable preset details and customize. At Social Order, you design a outfit by borrowing elements from a designer vision and adjusting them to your personal style. It’s a trial-and-error situation you can repeat as many times as you wish, until you create the most original outfit.


It’s an online thing. There isn’t any physical store, fitting room or counter. It takes only a quick visit to our site and an online design session from your laptop, tablet or PC, that lasts from minutes to hours, depending on your desire and availability to play with patterns, shapes and motifs! A virtual mannequin models your design as you are altering it digitally – all in real-time, with visuals that give you a clear picture of what you are going to wear.

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Generations ago, ladies who were planning to attend a reception or a ball, were visiting or inviting their seamstress at home, buying the fabrics from specialty stores and sometimes giving a helping hand in completing their elaborate frock. It took days and it was quite expensive. You couldn’t have that many fancy outfits or make a new one on short notice. Later, ladies were visiting designer ateliers and they still do that at a great cost. Today, though, you all need greater flexibility and a rich wardrobe for a wide variety of social occasions. Custom made outfits are no longer limited to the elite of big spenders. They are way more affordable, yet still high fashion and high quality!


A highly-qualified team of seamstresses and pattern makers are involved in the process and every possible detail is carefully assessed to give a coveted result. You get exquisite custom made dresses online at a much lower ready-to-wear price range. You receive a unique product but you don’t break the bank for it.

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If you google ‘australian dresses online’, you’ll surprisingly come up with a huge list of local retailers, importers, as well as manufacturers. Australia has a vibrant fashion industry with brilliant design talents and impressive street style. The whole fashion scene in Melbourne, Sydney and other Australian cities sizzles with creativity, edginess and a knack for experimentation. Well-trained craftsmen and tailors are working for various fashion houses/brands and a young generation of tech-savvy fashion entrepreneurs provides them with avant-garde concepts that further enhance consumer experience. Australia is a trend-setting location in the global map!


Each garment differs from the other because it reflects your exact combination of requirements. Uploading your exact measurements, you get the right size to follow your contours and overall silhouette. Picking a print, you literally pick a stand-out look with unique motif positioning. Some outfits might be similar to each other, but they are never the same!


Social Order custom dresses are not only chic, elegant and interesting, but also pleasant to wear. Bonding minimizes creasing and ensures that the garment stays in place. The viscose-based lining keeps you cool and sweat-free, even in high temperatures. Silk, which is the outer layer of the garment, is lightweight and breathable. It’s also luxe and soft to touch. Most of the styles are on the minimalist approach contrasting with prints that are bold and artistic. They are cutting-edge, wearable and a brand new definition of eveningwear. They are also versatile, since you can spruce them up or down with styling and accessories.


Start collecting your own Social Order dresses for an array of different occasions. Think of cocktail parties, black-tie and white-tie events, busy daily schedules that bring your from the office to off-duty fun without any stop-over, art gallery and boutique openings, dinner parties, high-profile sporting events, concerts, opera galas, romantic dates, night-outs with the girls, and vacations in cosmopolitan destinations. Make a list of your desired wardrobe staples and start designing them step-by-step through Social Order. Study your body type and your personal style. Find out the most flattering hemlines and necklines for you. Get familiar with various dress codes regularly encountered on official invites. Make a list of things to create and things to order. Time to customize your whole closet!

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