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Elegant Evening Dresses Should Be Memorable!

An evening gown is by definition a special occasion piece and, in that sense, it has to be made in a special way.

Social Order will help you create your own outfit using a fun online platform. This set of smart digital design tools enable you to pick designer-level details (hemline, neckline, print), combine them according to your needs, and buy this final value-for-money product with a few clicks. You will actually design your own evening dresses online, experimenting with all kinds of charming options for a memorable look.

Dahlia Print Dress from Marina on Vimeo.


Long evening dresses may be the norm when evening attire is specified in an invite; yet there will always be some space for new rules and daring fashions. As we all know, the evening gown code can either be black-tie or semi-formal or even ‘creative’. At the host’s permission and endorsement, an exquisite short frock can also be sported at a black-tie event. And when the code leans more towards the semi-formal spectrum, ladies are more than encouraged to adopt short evening dresses. As a rule of thumb, though, midis are generally accepted at most events, especially when they are custom-made pure silk stunners!


Evening gowns can come in an array of shapes and forms, but they should definitely be eye-catching and chic. Certain tricks will transform a basic design into an outstanding piece. Get some ideas as a starting point for an exciting fashion adventure and make yourself stand out… Check the golden rules of evening wear!


Polish up a loose silhouette, picking a sleeveless version with a V-neckline. Who said that elegant evening wear can’t be roomy and comfy too?

Halter-neck is always ideal for eveningwear. It redirects attention to the shoulders which are among the most sensual parts of a feminine silhouette.

Keyholes and other skin-baring cut-out details on a structured number are slightly suggestive without looking racy.

A thigh-high slit is a va-va-voom detail allowed on most engagements requiring evening wear.


If prints aren’t your thing, go for a subtler motif or a monochrome version (black or white). If your closet misses at least one smart, all-purpose LBD (Little Black Dress) create your favorite style on Social Order. You need some black evening wear for your most mysterious and sensual looks but also at least one white evening frock for more innocent outings, or when your summer tan is too gorgeous to hide!


Fitted silhouettes are traditionally more formal-looking. They suggest that a woman is putting more effort into what she is wearing and how she carries herself around. A fitted number changes your posture and movement significantly. Those silhouettes are also your chance to discover and study your body in order to come up with your most favorite shapes for dressy outfits. Those styles will become staples in your wardrobe around which you will endlessly play and improvise through your digital tools.


Embedded ‘belting’ or carefully placed seams along the waistline always create a flattering feminine silhouette.

A mock-neck can be a great canvas for a statement necklace on top, and it can also delicately hide possible imperfections in this area. It creates a clean and polished look.

A rounded strapless looks more sophisticated than a straight line. It’s also more ‘forgiving’ to non-average bust sizes.

Sharp geometrical lines on necklines and hemlines can bring balance to the visual effect of curvier body types.


Simpler hemlines add formality to the overall style. An evening gown that comes without embellishments, expensive crystals and intricate lace, should stun the world with its impeccable fit and minimalist flair. That’s your way to being modern and classy at a high-profile event.


As Victoria Beckham has said more than once, “it’s all 360 degrees – nothing is flat.” We all agree! The perfect number should look amazing from all angles. So while picking your favorite eveningwear details on Social Order, make sure that you also check the back view of the garment you are creating, which is always available in a thumbnail. Be holistic in your approach!

Feed the system with your exact measurements, so as to get ideal fit. Pay attention to this stage of the process, helping the Social Order team cut and sew the garment at the right size. Fit is everything!


The most formal hairstyle to match an eveningwear is an updo (a high bun, a low chignon or a fully braided look). Yet, strapless allows also for loose curls or a sleek-and-straight mane. It depends on your fashion attitude.


Dazzling chokers and necklaces can elevate a simple and classy frock into as much formal levels as you might wish. If distracting to the neckline’s effect, swap it for a stunning pair of chandelier earrings or ear-cuffs. An equally stunning bracelet never hurts, as well as skipping gems and opting for the allure of precious metals – gold or platinum statement-jewelry without stones.


High heels with sparkle or strapping – sandals and pumps – are the norm in accessorizing eveningwear. But judging from the Cannes-initiated recent debate, gorgeous flats can have their momentum too!


Depending on how impactful the rest of your accessories will be, your evening clutch should be either the ‘wow factor’ or complementary to the outfit. Keep it subtle and neutral when all else makes waves!


Quality of materials is of paramount importance on a tip-to-toe basis. The garment, as well as the accessories, should be luxe. Social Order ensures that your dress is 100% silk and tailored by experts on the field, with bonding and lining that further add to the effect. Such an evening gown maintain their shape, colors and magnitude for years, and look expensive up close as well as from a distance. They are made in Australia – Sydney and Melbourne – by the most talented and specialized pattern-makers and seamstresses. You can’t go wrong with such an incredible mix!


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