Add Some Sparkle To Your Evening Gown!

Are you ready for chic combos of jewelry and fashion?

Feel free to accessorize any look with precious and semi-precious bling. You might have an array of evening gowns, yet you also need to style it in an equally sophisticated way. Let’s see how we can elevate your style into a red-carpet-worthy look!



They should coordinate with the neckline. A simple and plain ‘jewel’ neckline (closely framing your neck) can be either adorned with a slightly longer necklace or with an ultra-long one with a sizeable pendant. Strapless, off-shoulder or long evening dresses can be perfectly complemented with a choker, and an intricate neckline or a high-neck frock is not in need of a necklace at all!


When necklaces are not recommended additions to your look, bracelets become main attention-grabbers. Strapless, sleeveless and short-sleeved gowns call for important jewelry pieces on your wrists. Depending on the style you want to produce, they can either be chunky metal cuffs of interesting minimalist design or elaborately gem-adorned bracelets that give a retro feel to your evening gown. You can stalk multiple strands of pearls, crystals or diamonds around your wrists, but always keep a balance with the embellishments on your outfit. Never wear bracelets when they overlap with longer and airy sleeves.



Chandelier earrings with gems and colorful stones are ultra-flirty accessories for a simple high-neck or an elaborately adorned low neckline. They also go beautifully with halter and boat necklines. Never wear them with a statement necklace or an ultra-embellished round neck. If in a rock & roll mood, wear some precious ear cuffs that will make even long evening gowns look edgier and funkier. If you are wearing only clip earrings, keep in mind that some ear-cuffs fake piercing!



For a tailored or a short evening dress with long sleeves, an impressive cocktail ring is the go-to choice. You can wear more than one if you like, as long as they mix well together and with the outfit. In that case, avoid bracelets and move the rest of the bling towards areas framing your face. Cocktail rings look great while you are holding your evening clutch, but make sure that they are not competing with it. Better pick a neutral bag that passes almost invisible!


With diamonds or other gems and flora or fauna-inspired shapes, they are the absolute stunners on a boat- or a square-neck gown. One important brooch exudes royal elegance and timelessness. It can be a family heirloom or just eye-catching costume jewelry!


Tiaras are a bit rare to wear, yet there are headbands that share similar allure and sparkliness. Referencing princesses, they are mostly expected with a sweetheart neckline, a straight strapless or a ballerina-inspired outfit with spaghetti straps. Sometimes, you first get the tempting headpiece and then you design your own dress around it!


Best companion for a simple tailored maxi or a short number. If not embellished or detailed at all, yet designed to create an amazing silhouette for formal occasions, take an extra step decorating it with sexy body jewelry including opulent arm bracelets, body chains, collars, and ‘harnesses’. Think of the ones Alexander McQueen has been creating for years!



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