Translating a Fashion Sketch Into a Dress!

The actual dress is way more charming than the sketch because it’s tangible, wearable and 3D!

Yet everything starts with a few lines on a paper or a screen that reflect your eveningwear needs. To design your own dress, you mostly need to be aware of things you feel comfortable in, the occasion that requires you to dress up, what’s missing from your closet, and what normally flatters your silhouette. Social Order’s online design tool can help you express your wishes for the perfect evening gown or cocktail dress with a few clicks and as much experimentation time as you want.

Fashion design sketch


These simple lines can tell a lot about the form of your custom-made dress which can be loose or fitted or the combination of the two, as it happens in the case of the fit-and-flare dress that easily fakes the coveted hourglass silhouette. Other details you can see in a sketch are the length of the dress, the shape of the sleeves, the type of the neckline and the hemline, the colour, and the print.

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We all start with a general idea about a cocktail dress we want to wear at a much-discussed party or the floor-sweeping gown we would rock as a high-profile wedding guest. Yet, as inspiration evolves, more functional parameters get into the picture, such as the lightness of the fabric, the ease of move a slit can offer, and how much skin you are allowed or intending to show off at a particular event. Sketching online your custom-made dresses is a rather clean process; no rubber or pencil to be used and no ink smudges on your fabulous desktop. Alterations happen in an instant, and ideas flow naturally from the set of options you have!

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