Why Attention to Details Matters

From a distance you will see a silhouette, a colour, or a very bold print. Yet up-close the reality of an evening dress changes dramatically.

A dislocated seam, an unwanted crease, areas where it stretches more than necessary or shagging hems, can ‘break’ a look to the point of unforgivable wardrobe malfunction. Beyond bad tailoring, other fashion disasters include cheap synthetic fabric, misplaced print, wrong colour combo, lack of proper lining or bonding, and ill-fitting parts of the dress. Styling your dress with the right accessories for the occasion is another important detail to be taken care of. An expensive dress is not always the perfect one for you. Because perfection is in the details!

Alexander McQueen Paris autumn/winter 2011 collection in Paris in March

Alexander McQueen Paris autumn/winter 2011 collection in Paris in March


Bright colours and oversized prints should typically be avoided in the curvy areas of the body. Darker colours and tiny motifs minimise volume visually, creating the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Motifs that develop into a vertical pattern are slimming too.

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Oversized pockets, embroidery, sequins, peplums, pleats, fringes and frills should be used in moderation and placed strategically so they don’t distract others from your strong assets, yet they also camouflage your weaker parts.


Structured garments need to be executed in thicker fabrics such as brocades, tweeds and hugely popular neoprene. Ethereal evening gowns, on the other hand, need lightweight silk chiffon, to be lined in areas where semi-sheerness is not acceptable or flattering.


The most crucial details in a special-occasion dress are related to how a seamstress and a pattern-maker produce a piece that follows your body contours, eases your movement, maintains its shape, and fits your measurements. At Social Order, you are able to clearly define all these factors and set your exact requirements through an advanced user-friendly design tool. And the designer-level options offered are always destined to create the cocktail dress or evening gown of your dreams!

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