Formal Dresses

Design Your Own Ball Gowns For A Unique Look & A Perfect Fit!

Have you recently received an invitation to a ‘formal’? Did you panic a little? Well, there is no reason for stress every time you see such an attire code in an invite. It’s your chance to glam up and honour the host as well as the special occasion with a custom made outfit. And it gets fundamentally easier when you design-your-own with Social Order;

a website that offers a designer collection of dresses that you can customize digitally and easily for any look or and need. With so many different choices (form, neckline, hemline, print) by the click of a finger and with the help of a very easy-to-use designer platform, you can build the look of your dreams!



What should ball dresses look like? It depends on the event. Before 6pm and when the invite doesn’t specify a strictly formal occasion, you can easily go for a semi formal dress. If it’s an event at a gallery or museum, pick a graphic style, both in terms of prints but also in terms of the hemline. It has to have an intricate shape characterized by controlled edginess. If it’s an early evening fundraiser, presentation, birthday party, dinner party or store opening, pick details that will constitute a more playful design. It can be a short formal dress with a spicy neckline or an eye-catching print. Digital prints have never gone out of fashion and designers are determined to keep them on the catwalks for quite a long time in the future. If it’s a first date at a very fancy restaurant, all you need is a sexy formal dress which selectively reveals some skin, flattering your strongest assets.


Being able enough to create your own outfit through the vision of an innovative brand that offers you the tools to materialize your dreams, is a true blessing for every fashionista! Social Order has created for you an array of choices that can gives you everything you need to design your own formal dress. Your creations are bespoke variations of the designer’s inspiration; ideal for a huge range of events from high-tea with the ladies, to galas and weddings. Feel free to express yourself and do not worry about the resulting combo. Social Order’s distinct design elements are all compatible to each other and meant to give endless elegant looks. This is your go-to source for affordable custom gorgeousness!


It’s summer and we all want to indulge in luxury with a fabric that keeps us cool and confident. Silk is our best material for eveningwear because it softly hugs the body, following its contours and offering textures of tactile and visual beauty. As for trends, we definitely love more structured and tailored choices for the evening that accentuate the waist and sometimes the shoulders. Asymmetries, geometrical slits, cut-outs, and sporty elements revolutionize glamour and add a spicy dimension to the look. Origami and other Asian sources of inspiration are subtle, yet refreshing. And finally many bright colours in beautiful digital compositions are strategically placed on the fabric as the ultimate wow factor.  You can choose any of those features and make your garment a one-of-a-kind treasure. This is a smart way to bring fashion down to your requirements, in perfect accordance with your personal style!



All these fabulous bespoke creations are made in Australia – Sydney and Melbourne – by highly skilled pattern-makers and seamstresses in tune with the designer’s vision and the client’s requirements. You could easily see the vibes of these wonderful, diverse and cosmopolitan cities with strong design scene and rich social life. You’ll frequently be in a position to attend a formal event. At least once in your lifetime you will be asked to attend a school ‘formal’ or what they call ‘prom’ in America. And many more times you will be invited to a ball or gala. Your closet should be enriched with some really modern and chic formal attire but also some semi formal dresses for those events that do not require a black-tie look. Australian lifestyle is full of special occasions and reasons to celebrate!


As we’ve said, you should definitely own more than one short formal number, since invites to cocktail parties are quite frequent. You can accessorize with endless options such as shoes that further elongate your legs such as high-heel sandals in metallics or platform pumps in matching colours.  For the evening you might also need a statement-making clutch with some sparkle on it, or a neutral one that does not visually compete with the outfit.


It’s true that the mainstream option for a formal event is a fitted style but Social Order can offer you some comfortable alternatives in loose styles too. And since the line is simple there, the print becomes the focal point. A more roomy style allows more space for the print to develop, creating numerous interesting effects. Being less than bodycon, such a garment is utterly chic, especially for ladies that want to gently hide some extra weight they inherited from the winter. Boxy lines can be formal, but in this case you should be sleek with details such as jewelry, makeup and hairstyle. Avoid chunky necklaces and opt for long beaded numbers of classy chokers. Opt for nude makeup with statement red, pink or orange lips, and swap your voluminous mane with a very polished chignon or a braided look.


You might not have a degree in fashion design or styling; yet Social Order gives you the power to be unique and stunning in literally moments. Choosing attention-grabbing ball gowns, or something that will be memorable for the right reasons, is not an easy task. Sometimes you get lured to a costly choice by a personal shopper and other times you trust a friend with questionable taste. And you waste time at a mall or department store going through endless racks and styles! Social Order is the most efficient and fun way to do it. Just pick, combine, compare prices, redesign till it’s 100% you, and then shop!


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