7 Colour – confident fashion decisions!

Combining colours in an outfit is not everyone’s forte, yet getting playful in that aspect is rather rewarding.

Training your eye and galvanising your aesthetics through endless mix & match, you’ll gradually be breaking fashion rules without even noticing. Once you exit from a world dominated by little black dresses and monochrome ball gownschoosing your first duo of shades – your wardrobe expands into an infinite palette of interesting options. Pop Art, as well as the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s are great references for those plunging themselves for first time into a pool of colourful choices. Prints of varying boldness are used to carve the silhouette in unexpected ways. Let’s see the colour effects that can transform you into a new confident woman!

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Once you grasp the basics of colour coordination, you will be able to easily combine blocks of three solids in a look with a degree of acceptable sophistication. Three differently hued pieces – top, bottom and outerwear, or dress, shoes and bag – could mix well together, as long as they are complementary or contrasting in a meaningful way. This can also be achieved through a readily made combo, such as that on a designer dress made of different colour panels. Some of those formal dresses are extremely flattering, since the choices are really smart and sophisticated. Successful on-trend mixes are those of bold and saturated colors, neons, or pastels highlighted by brights. You can even add a neutral into the mix, to bring some balance. To add a fourth or fifth colour, make sure that you play either with cold or warm shades, or that you use only one accent of seemingly incompatible colour into a look. And keep in mind that colour-blocking can also be done through accessories and makeup!

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Mixing polka dots with florals has never crossed your mind, yet the possibility of combining them with an array of other motifs such as checks, stripes, and more complicated prints has been endorsed by many designers as something ‘really cool!’ You can definitely combine same motif in different scales and colours, as well as different motifs that have at least one colour in common. You can also mix them when they are in two different shades of the same colour, such as stripes in baby blue and navy in a single outfit. Even when colours are conflicting, you can blend motifs that are of the same spirit or similar fabrics – metallic, brocades, or classic tweeds.


Do you really want to design your own dress in a way that resembles no other? Then check all those choices of prints offered by Social Order and be open to a whole new set of suggestions that make formal dresses look young and relevant. An unconventional approach to evening wear is summed up into making up every season a new group of neutrals, being used as such by most designers. Tartans, animal prints and metallics are currently treated as neutrals, to be mixed with almost everything in the same way we freely mix a nude pump or a grey scarf. So, spice your custom cocktail dress up with a sparkly colourful stole and redefine glamour!

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