Feminine Style – Bringing Back the Romance!

It’s true that the feminine style has been put aside by the androgynous look and urban esthetics, yet we still crave a graceful flouncy skirt with florals, some ethereal layered asymmetries, embroidery and other retro-romantic prints on our ball gowns and semi-formal dresses. Men love us in our dolled-up – especially on special occasions. Let’s see how we interpret romance this season and how we can design a formal outfit for an unforgettable evening!

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Colours are soft and subdued – mostly including earthy tones and pastels. Motifs have a retro feel and a painterly quality. You can pick flowers on a lighter backdrop such as off-white and beige or opt for the so-called ‘dark florals’ with motifs over black and midnight blue.


The 70’s are quite a thing right this moment and ‘boho chic’ is adopted even by those who never tried it before. But this antique spirit goes further back in time to the Victoriana. It’s rustic or luxe, depending on the decade. Some designers even reference the 50’s, during which we had amazing florals on fit-and-flare cocktail outfits.


Motifs might not always be bold, appliqued or embroidered, yet they are inviting us to touch them. Amazing visuals reminiscent of old illustrations and pictures are the perfect ingredients for an ultra-romantic short formal dress, as well as a glamorous floor-sweeping gown. The effect is further enhanced through pleating and draping. Heavy embellishments seen on royal attires from previous decades are transformed into airy colorful fabrics with similar allure but greater functionality.

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Original retro looks tended to be on the maximalist end on of the spectrum. Not only the dress was intricate, but also the shoes, the jewelry, and the purse that accessorized the look. Today, feminine formal gowns are mostly complemented with modern chunky necklaces and cuffs in gold or silver, monochrome clutches and nude pumps. Floral headbands are also a sweet addition to the look, especially when we want to make it feel younger!


By placing hemlines higher we intend to produce easy-to-wear garments that we can spruce up or down with the right accessories. Most of the time, ball dresses can be tea-length or shorter. What gets most of the attention is a dramatic neckline or the rich flare of the skirt. A shorter hemline allows you to show your fabulous shoes and well-shaped legs, plus it eases your movement. Design your outfit following the new romantic trend and taking into consideration that it has to look relevant. Keep in mind that an intricate motif calls for a simpler silhouette for greater balance with your look!

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