Laid-back Evening Wear!

Imagine this, you are sitting on the grass, under the bright sun, with your ripped jeans on, a loose tunic over, and a 70s-inspired headband on your naturally wavy hair.

Can you trade that relaxing moment for a glamorous evening you experience wrapped in the most inconvenient skin-tight gown during which everybody tells you that ‘you look fabulous’, but you don’t feel that way? Easy-to-wear and comfy evening wear is not the norm across the market, yet exceptions to the rule make it possible! Today you can digitally design your own formal dress, to achieve perfect fit, unrestricted movement and a pleasant feeling for long hours of dancing and mingling with your friends. And Social Order makes sure that your dress arrives on time for the event you are having in mind. Let’s go through the issues around the ‘perfect dress’ and the solutions offered!

Relaxed dress style


Of course you do! Quite often, bonding and all those corsets attached to ball gowns squeeze your rib cage to the point you can’t actually breathe. In other cases, slit-less column or mermaid gowns eliminate your stride to a tiny step and rule out the possibility of using the stairs. But the most common story, lately, is about dresses that are too loose to hold on to your body, making a possible wardrobe malfunction being your main concern throughout the event. Straps can fall off your shoulders, slits can show more than your thighs and your plunging neckline is way more dangerous than it was supposed to be! Guarding your assets and constantly fixing your dress, will not allow you to dance or strike a charming pose. It’s all a matter of fit and design! So you really need to choose the details that best comply with your body contours and your exact measurements. Made-to-order dresses are of such value, and it is fortunate enough that they are not very expensive anymore!

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On a warm day or night, the last thing you want is a stain of sweat on your fabulous dress, because it’s not breathable and lightweight. Social Order is mostly using silk combined with lining that keeps you cool for many hours. Sweating usually wrinkles the fabric, but a sweat-free dress always looks flawless and feels fabulous!


Evening dresses should not be disposable – one night looking perfect and the next day a total mess. They should maintain their shape and form, be stretchy enough to mold with your body, or roomy enough to flow all along without any friction. Bonding and lining should be made of finest quality materials and tech fabrics with special qualities. In Social Order custom-made formal dresses, a polyester-based interlining minimizes creasing and secures durability. But what lasts even more is the 100% silk used for these creations!


Even if you are pondering over the exact size, you can upload your current measurements into this digital platform and they will come back to you with a sure recommendation. Then pattern makers and cutters will further ensure that the result is the closest possible to your silhouette, which means that the whole process is as if you did regular fittings with a seamstress, but way more efficient than that! It really fits!

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