The Colour Of Love: How To Make It Work For You!

Wearing red in a flirtatious way is not always an easy option.


Your choice should align with your personality and necessities. Do you want to seduce or just feel imposing? Are you pro-elegance or pro-edginess? Your direction will be crucial in bringing or keeping the right guy in your life. The color of love is a statement but, as such, it always carries with it high risk and the possibility of fashion fallacy. Taking into consideration some basic factors will help you work with this colour without sending the wrong message.

colour of love


Your natural colours will define your choice of red. If you are a blonde with rosy cheeks, then pick an orangey or a pinkish red that brightens up your complexion. If you are fair with yellow undertones, go for brick or terracotta red. If tanned with light brown locks, pick a bronzy red and if super tanned or naturally dark, opt for a rich orange or coral red. Finally, olive skin tones can best be complemented with golden-hued red and copper red.



Cherry red is ideal for formal dresses – especially evening gowns – and crimson or blood red is the go-to shade for attention-grabbing cocktail outfits. Wine red is a more conservative option; yet it can really create the perfect dinner date number. Ruby red makes up the most breathtaking ball gowns for galas and receptions, while berry red can be a very sophisticated alternative for brunettes. Scarlet red is the color of seduction without pretense, and candy or rosy red is the more playful and innocent counterpart; an excellent choice for semi-formal dresses. It all depends on your intentions!


If your crush is a guy with no real connection to fashion, then go for bold and bright shades of red that will undeniably turn him on! If he is artistic or fashion-savvy, pick a very unexpected and unusual red such as merlot, lobster or beet red! Go through the Pantone color palette and try among those on trend right now. Red can be a great conversation-starter.


The most elegant and sophisticated combos include red with blush, beige, toffee, and baby blue. The most explosive ones are with hot pink, bright purple, electric blue, and leopard. Finally, the most classic duos are red with navy blue, black, black & white, and gold. Give it a twist with silver, dove grey, charcoal grey or as part of tonal styling!


If a red outfit is a major temptation, so is a pair of red patent heels, or merely red lipstick. Accents of red color can be equally powerful and impactful. Red should be counterbalanced with more timid styling elements. It might be hot color with subtle and austere design, or bold accessories in a plain or minimalist outfit. Red should be the only stunner in your look – the rest can only support the idea of effortless sensuality. Made to order dresses can give you endless possibilities, so get ready to design your own formal dress and pick the perfect shade of red!


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