Our Story

What is Social Order?

Social Order is a designer collection you can customize through an easy-to-use online design tool. It helps you find your favorite neckline, hemline, color, print, and silhouette so that you can build a dress specially designed to suit your body shape, style and personality.

Who is the designer?

My name is Marina Young and I came up with this idea after a long experience in the beauty and fashion industries. From that insightful period, I learned a lot about consumer behavior and psychology. I found out that the fitting room had therapeutic effect for my clients and educational value for me. All these charming discussions on fit and design issues helped me understand the importance of design from a consumer’s perspective. I soon decided to tap into fashion design enabling you to become the ‘heart’ of the design process.

What’s our goal?

We see ourselves as part of the same creative family, exchanging views about style and self-expression within the fashion industry. Your ideas are always the foundation of our creativity! This is what we wanted from the very beginning; sharing our vision with you and enjoying the journey.

How do we do it?

We did research, went through possibilities and appreciated all the smart solutions technology had to offer. We centered our manufacturing in Australia in order to oversee the production process and manage quality control. And we created an online-based business because being interactive, in our days, spans all aspects of our life, including fashion!

Overcoming the issues?

Unflattering necklines, hemlines and colors are major sources of inconvenience and insecurity. Cheap fabric and poor garment construction, commonly referred to as ‘fast fashion,’ is teaching us to avoid wearing ill-fitted garments deteriorating after a few washes. Our priority is dressing women for their body type by creating collections that give you multiple options to choose from. As for the quality control process, it’s something we pride ourselves on.

Why are we here?

Social Order will always be ready and willing to hear more of your insightful design ideas. That’s the purpose it was designed for: to create a collection of high quality dress options designed specifically with your body shape in mind!

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