Party Dress

And the Party Goes On Fashionably!

Getting prepped for a night out with the girls, a cool birthday party, or any party with gorgeous guests, is a process that will definitely put you in a flirty mood. Your frock should be an instant stunner that will make you feel confident and sexy.

The quest for the ideal party outfit is always one bringing dozens of parameters in your mind about perfect fit, style and design. Your prerequisites can all be met only when you design your own unique garment for each special occasion in your summer calendar. Just visit and use their easy customization software, that practically narrows down endless options suggested by the designer into a piece that best represents you.

Waterfall Print Dress from Marina on Vimeo.


Guided through this amazing design tool step-by-step, you will pick the most suitable neckline, hemline, and print that will be placed on each creation to produce a one-of-a-kind result. You might already have a fabulous hourglass silhouette but even if you don’t, make sure you fake the most coveted curves through certain details. If, for example, you have a pear-shaped body type – narrower at the upper torso and bigger at the hips – pick sleeves and neckline that adds volume to your bust and shoulders. If you are apple-shaped – lacking well-defined waistline –accentuate it through a fit-and-flare effect. And if your shoulders are amazing, just don’t hide them; pick an amazing strapless or halter-neck with a mesmerizing effect! At all times, share your unique measurements with Social Order, so that the software picks for you the right size. Too tight might be proven unforgiving and inconvenient and too loose might be hiding your best assets!


First and foremost, you should definitely be looking for short party dresses. Such occasions are great opportunities to show off your legs and, in that sense, you should be daring with length. Combined with a high-heel pump or sandal, your look will be spicy and elegant at the same time. If opting for a loose fit – which is the safest option for  party attire – then you should certainly step it up with a shorter hemline. Fitted silhouettes can adopt a greater range of lengths depending on how sultry they are intended to be. Cut-outs, keyhole openings, side slits and open backs are other ways to grab attention. Show some skin, but in a balanced way, while keeping simplicity as your main goal. Too many details might compete with your silhouette. We just need stylish enhancers!


Since all garments at Social Order are individually cut and assembled, prints will be positioned each time in a different way. Your custom made dress will flatter you the most, if you choose colors that are compatible with your skin and hair color. You can even coordinate some shades from the frock with the color of your eyes or your lips so that your facial features pop up. As we all know, colors are quite often conversation-starters for party-time romance. A very interesting motif or color combination can make a huge impression. This is your way to stand out from the crowd!


During the summer, you might constantly be receiving invites to various parties, which means that you ultimately need more going out dresses to suit different settings and occasions. You definitely need your favorite ‘little party outfit’ – a passe-partout you can spruce up and down easily – some clubbing dresses, as well as some classy short dresses to be adopted at dinner parties and semi-formal parties. You can’t have just one ‘club dress’, especially if you are a regular at a certain club or you, more or less, hang out with the same friends. Just give some variety in your life. As famous celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe always puts it: “you need to have options!”


A party outfit should respond well to an array of activities, including dancing, flirting, drinking and mingling with the crowd. There is a lot of action and movement in such functions! A summer dress should also adjust to high temperatures and sweating. You need to look impeccable all night long, so you need a fabric that keeps you cool and fresh. At the same time, you need durability and a construction that never loses its shape. Silk with special bonding and lining that is artfully cut and sewn by skillful seamstresses, pattern-makers and cutters in Australia – Sydney and Melbourne – are the foundations of a successful party look. Have fun and never fear of wardrobe malfunctions!


Are you looking for party frocks made in Australia and shipped internationally? Social Order is your go-to source. After all, this country has cities with great party and clubbing scenes, as well as amazing street style representatives that calibrate trends across the world! Massively followed Australian fashion bloggers, such as Margaret Zhang (Shine by Three), Sara Donaldson (Harper and Harley), Mandy Shadforth (Oracle Fox), Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper), Kate Waterhouse and Zanita Wittington are for the rest of the planet the ultimate party girls attending endless fashion parties on all fashion capitals! And beyond inspiration, Australia has great manufacturers and designers that bring those trends and ideas into life. This is a unique combination!


Throughout the years, we gradually moved from an era of home-made customization, to that of mass production, high-end personalization, and lately to that of mass customization. More and more people believe that they deserve to have something very personal and unique; designs that best reflect their personality. Through technology, smart software, and new production schemes, this is possible for each one of you. Custom made frocks are now available at reasonable prices and high standards of quality. Customizing designer-level party dresses online can be perfectly achieved and Social Order is regarded to be one of the pioneers in this field. As a customer, you have a clear ‘say’ in the design process. It’s fast and entertaining. You can do it with just a few clicks!


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