Making a Fashion Statement – When Failure is not an Option

Some clothes are over-the-top, while others are called ‘fashion statements’.

Admittedly, not all bold combinations end up being chic and tasteful. The degree of sophistication we are infusing our fashions with is heavily related to our ability to distinguish between edginess and exaggeration. Too much colour or sparkle will lead to a costumy result and too little will make it boring. To design your own outfit, you need to study a bit the work of other designers and single out from their creations elements that best represent your personal style. Don’t use them all at once. One or two accents are enough. A fashion statement is clear only when it stands out from the rest of the look.

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If you choose bright colours or sharp graphic motifs, then your silhouette must be simple and geometric with minimum details and other wow factors. Party outfits with oversized or all-over prints need to be either classic fit-and-flare ensembles or bodycon styles with clean lines. Avoid excessive frilling, draping, pleating, asymmetries and layering.


When design and tailoring are super impressive, opt for a monochrome fabric. A flattering asymmetry, an eye-catching neckline or a cut-out detail look better on solids. White party dresses with expertly cut shapes that flatter your body type are usually attention-grabbing. The same applies to red and little black outfits.

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A thigh-high slit, a midriff opening, a low back or a plunging neckline are ultra-feminine statements but cannot be adopted all in the same outfit. Party dresses tend to be playful and daring, yet by any means they shouldn’t look cheap and overly provocative. Choose each time one spot to bare; the one you are super confident about.


If your outfit has a sporty hint, then embrace all those details that reference sports such as the racer back or the halter neckline, and avoid combining them with less sporty elements such as a romantic flare or flounce. Clubbing dresses are usually fitted enough to enhance your curvy silhouette. With such styles, avoid timid details such as a Peter-Pan collar or a boat neckline. Just stick to one style and support it with corresponding design elements. Maintaining cohesion, you can come up with a more meaningful look. When experimenting with custom styled outfits online, like the designer platform that’s readily available on – make sure that all the elements you pick are effortlessly blending together!

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