Pick The Right Outfit For Your Skin Tone!

Are you ready to tap into color and make the boldest outing ever, or just using color to create a certain mood for a fun occasion?

Time to design your own dress! Prints and their positioning on it can make or break your look depending on color compatibility with your skin and the combined effect produced through intricate motifs. Made-to-order dresses – and literally any frock – should be chosen in color combos that flatter your skin tone. Let’s see how!

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You might think that skin tone defines it all, yet undertone is equally important. Check the underside of your wrists to detect the color of your veins. If bluish or purplish, then your outfit can have prints in cooler shades such as grey, blue, purple, black, white, magenta and silver. If your veins are greenish or yellowish, then opt for warmer shades like cream, brown, sunflower yellow, orange, olive green and terracotta. Adorn your outfit with pink or yellow gold jewelry for instant perfection!


Pink, red, green and yellow are called cross-over colors because they have both cool and warm shades depending on their undertones. The color wheel itself has its cold and warm counterparts. Direct opposites from the two groups are called complementary, which means that they look well together. You can pick any cold-warm duo to wear, placing the most flattering close to your face (collar, neckline etc.) and its complementary away from it (bottom, hemline etc.) or as an accent in the print. You can also adopt 2 or 3 analogous or adjacent colors from your own side of the wheel (cold or warm). Those are great mixes too!



Besides having a cool or warm skin undertone, you also feature a very specific skin tone. If you are having fair or pale skin – probably a redhead with freckles or a blonde – opt for contrasting colors in your outfit, either darker such as navy, chocolate, charcoal and burgundy, or bolder ones like electric blue, fuchsia, sapphire, purple, and emerald green. Pale complexions should avoid light yellow, nude, neutrals and very soft pastels as main wardrobe choices. Instead, pick richer earthy tones such as camel, khaki and coral. Red should also be matching your skin undertone. Your perfect party outfit can either be a little black number, a navy, or a burgundy number with accessories in lighter shades.


Olive is a medium skin tone that tends to tan easily in the summer, and combines well with a greater variety of colors.  Coordinating in either super light and soft or ultra-bold and strong colors is a golden rule for you. Avoid those that are similar to your skin; meaning all warm earthy shades. Fill in your closet with endless pastels, all-white looks, and eye-catching colors like shocking pink or cobalt blue. If your skin has a yellow or green undertone, avoid mustard yellow, burnt orange, pistachio and olive green. The most flattering party dresses for you should be tonal mixes of light neutrals.


You are super lucky too, in being able to embrace a huge range of colors such as the brightest and bolder part of the spectrum but also the subtlest possible palette. Combining brights should be a balanced and thoughtful process for a sophisticated effect. Sexy party dresses with color-blocking and all-white frocks are amazing choices. Skip, of course, dark brown and minimize the use of navy and black. And don’t be shy! Pick a short party dress directing attention to your tanned legs!


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