What Does Your Skirt Length Say About You?

Do you want to design your own outfit? Keep in mind that its length will be the element that makes or breaks the final look.

Seamstresses, pattern-makers and the use of Social Order’s outfit designing platform can perfectly dictate where a successful hemline ends and how it flatters your body shape or how it combines with the silhouette of the garment. Skirt length varies with the occasion and the wearer’s intentions. Let’s go through all possible lengths and decode them!

hot tartan


It’s overly sexy, seductive, spicy, kinky and provocative. You definitely want all eyes on you and hopefully for the right reasons! It’s a huge risk that might leave you exposed and increasingly insecure about your body. It seems totally inappropriate for the majority of occasions, but those on which you want to be an invincible temptation…



You really want to show some skin because you feel confident about your assets. To make it tasteful, just stick to the rule of a hemline ending below your stretched fingertips when hands are down and parallel to your body. A short party dress can make up the perfect party outfit, those you are rocking on night-outs with the girls, usually after-hours! You either wear them over opaque tights or fully groomed legs!


… Or better slightly above the knee! Because it’s transformable and versatile, it seems ideal for busy ladies who are swapping looks on-the-go with the addition or reduction of accessories. It feels young yet correct even for a corporate environment.


You are really conservative or at least this is what you want to exude on certain settings, such as the office or an important meeting. It’s proper, polished, sophisticated but sometimes unflattering. Other options could elongate your figure more!


Going slightly below the knee, you’ve got an oldie yet smart choice. This length camouflages the knee area, if needed, but also shows your legs. It’s perfect for cocktail outfits especially those with a fitted bottom.


Fashion-wise you are definitely very shy, especially if you combine this length with a fitted style. But if retro-chic, picking a gracious full-skirt number, you’ll hit a very classy outfit. This is definitely a creative alternative to a floor-length formal gown!


Situated a little below mid-calf, it can definitely be dubbed as matronly, grand-motherly and hard-to-flatter. Only educated fashionistas can nail this length with quirky, unconventional styles!


You certainly have stunning evening shoes or gorgeous ankles, and you want to show them to the world! Amazing going out dresses can be made in this length. If petite, go for full-skirt, and if tall, opt for slim silhouettes with kitten heels. It can be a stunning choice for many different shades of white party dresses as it looks classy but can really accentuate your assets.


A hemline slightly above the floor means that you cannot step on it and tumble, and that you’ll be able to show part of your sparkly shoes; mostly the toes. When full-skirted, it’s the most convenient version of a ball gown!


Your frock is touching the floor without sweeping it. That’s par excellence formal, black-tie, and festive. When you want to glam up, you never go half way! Don’t be tempted to wear a heel that is too high as it will hinder you efforts to elegantly move along the floor (we have all seen young girls with heels so high they are walking like a T-Rex)

So what are you waiting for? Get acquainted with Social-Order’s designers platform. Test out some creations and see what you are capable of!


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