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In our days, we can clearly see the revival of customization as a synonym to luxury and high fashion. Designers share their insightful ‘angle’ or ‘vision’ and customers translate it into elements that best fit their personal style. Technology and super-smart software available online will help you mold fashion trends according to your needs and desires. The possibility of the chance to design a dress into the embodiment of self-expression is charming in more than one ways. Let’s slip into the wonderful digital world of Social Order and see all those fabulous benefits it entails for people who love to blend innovation with chic!
Let’s say you are looking for made to order dresses and intend to reinvent and refresh your spring and summer wardrobe with elegant looks for picture-perfectness at all times. All you need is a few relaxed styles for laid back or comfort moments and a couple of fitted stunners for cocktail parties and other evening occasions. Social Order is suggesting this season’s staples along with variations, and you should go for the trends that best represent you. Trends should not limit, but liberate you. Choose the hottest and most beautiful dresses based on your current mood! Seductive, imposing, powerful, edgy, or romantic and feminine? You can adopt as many different roles as you wish!
Details always make the difference especially when you can adjust them. When each of the outfits can be customized in crucial areas such as the general form, length, shape of hemline and neckline, you can really come up with one that best amps up your natural assets. Pick an on-trend asymmetry, a spicy cut-out, a classy strapless, a V-neck, or any other basic parameter of your look. Curvier, or slimmer, all women should be entitled to more than one gorgeous silhouette!
Finding the best fit in a pretty dress, whether shopping at a brick-and-mortar store or online, is usually a major challenge and adjusting whatever available in the market proves to be a time-consuming process. You either need to compromise with whichever option is physically there at your exact size, or employ a seamstress to make the necessary alterations. Online purchases often have to be returned more than once, since you cannot easily find the right fit. Social Order is a smart platform that gives you the option of giving feedback on your actual measurements, literally defining your ideal size. Fit is profoundly instrumental to a successful look; do not hold back!
A gallery of eye-catching digital prints is now available to you through the Social Order online store. Prints can accentuate a silhouette, elaborate on a simple design and, most importantly, reveal your artistic side. We all love prints and a multiplicity of famous designers have further popularized this trend over the last decade. Your outfit can become way more interesting and your look as a whole can turn into a tempting conversation-starter. Get even more creative by experimenting with different combos of styles and motifs. At SocialOrder, each one of these prints is cut and assembled in a very unique way leading to something uniquely different!
Have you ever thought of becoming a fashion designer for a day, or creating a collection for yourself? You don’t need to be an avid fashion illustrator, with a keen eye in styling or a deeply artistic nature, yet every time you go shopping, you wish you could add to your cart a frock that 100% fulfills your special requirements. You surely know if you mostly like a bodycon or loose form, a bright or subtle print, a halter-neck or sleeveless outfit, something sexy, decent or over-the-top. Creativity is all about expressing your distinctive point of view. You’ve got an opinion and that should totally be reflected on what you’re buying and wearing. Unleashing your creative energy in such a modern way will be a thrill! YOUR EASIEST WAY TO DESIGN
Nowadays there is software for everything that makes you capable of defining your lifestyle and designing your profile. Just think of the occasion. Do you need something for a cocktail party or something elegant for the beach? If you are social and active enough, you might also enrich your wardrobe with more special-occasion numbers; dresses to wear to weddings, cute dresses for your vacations in the French Riviera or figure-hugging stunners for getaways in Miami. It’s your chance to own a garment that can now be called ‘digital bespoke’!
Back in time, bespoke fashion was either a household necessity or a sign of immense wealth. Online technology transcends social boundaries offering customers access to the design process as well as the finest quality materials at a reasonable price point. You can print your favorite motif on silk and have your final design hand-made in Australia. You can get inspiration from great cosmopolitan cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, where great craftsmanship is a main feature of the industry.
Buying fashion in the digital age means you are part of a fashion-forward experience. As a customer you swiftly become aware of the latest trends, interact with a global fashion community, learn from the influencers and want to infuse your shopping session with a creative aspect. This is a real game-changer! You dictate the design process, you actively participate in it, and you get what you really want. These garments express 100% the personality of the wearer; a sense of comfort that will definitely boost your confidence!
Do you have a party tomorrow? Are you a guest or the host? Is there a dress code in the official invite? Is it a formal occasion? Can a mini be adopted in the evening or semi-lengths are more appropriate? Short skirt or something longer? Endless fashion-related questions; yet only one answer: your own custom-made outfit! It’s all fun and digital!


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