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Custom Made Silk Dresses Australia Wide

The fact that first impressions are usually visual – cannot undermine the tactile impact of our garments; what a dress feels like upon touching our skin, how it coordinates with our own movement, how it looks while set on a hanger or wet, whether it’s durable, weather-proof or both, when it creases and how it drapes or folds and, ultimately, how versatile or adjustable to different designs it can be. Social Order offers all this through a magical mix of luxury, tradition, and technology as expressed in fashionable silk dresses. Let’s see why paying attention to fabric is half the reasons behind a perfect frock!

East Of Eden NEW Collection by SOCIAL ORDER on Vimeo.


All garments at Social Order are custom made from 100% Indian silk and then bonded for thickness with polyester-based interlining. This ‘smart bonding’ is the key to success on many levels. The final touch to the most desirable experience is a viscose-based lining.


Your wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a LBT or in this case a LBSD (little black silk dress). Of course the same goes for a white silk dress. The cut and style is up to you!


 Getting ready for a special occasion and looking flawless throughout the event can be quite challenging when high moisture levels and temperatures hit the scene. Sweating the day or the night out is never fun. What you really need is a breathable, absorbent, and lightweight fabric that keeps you cool and dry. A weatherproof lining that carries gently with it the ease and functionality of sportswear can be the perfect answer!


Social Order creates fashion pieces that are worry-free, pleasant, and comfortable. This can partly be attributed to the super practical nature of their interlining and bonding material that helps minimize creasing and enhances fit. The whole fabric, deliciously hugs your body and molds after your shape. It graciously follows your curves and contours, creating a flattering silhouette, and is always customized according to your choices. This provides a great balance between structure and fluidity for every woman out there!


The brand continuously stresses its commitment to use finest quality raw materials from cultures with long tradition as silk producers. India is the go-to source for high-end silks of many types, but SocialOrder’s mission is to identify the best local manufacturers and support their exquisite craftsmanship. Silk flows wonderfully, has a mesmerizing texture and is prime material for luxe eveningwear as well as fabulous daywear.


Your garment will be bright and luminous without it being shiny. The refined effect and feel of the fabric is ideal for  variety in your closet. Whether it’s a business look, party attire, a silk maxi dress or a polished vacation outfit, it has to be deemed sophisticated. Any possible design combo you might pick from our gallery will exude elegance and opulence. These stunners and essentials will give you extra credit for your personal style.


The fabric combination used right this moment is soft and supple, yet also solid and able to create mildly-structural pieces. There are pieces with sharply defined or accentuated waist, neck and hemline, but you can also find silk shift dresses with a looser overall shape. The same fabric can wrap or flare at the ‘skirt’, stay put at the bust or form the most alluring slit. It’s easy-to-tame and pleasing-to-touch!


For those who already own alarge collection of plain monochrome attire and are now looking for a unique and interesting print, Social Order created some very avant-garde yet wearable choices. They are all gorgeous compositions of beautiful colours and abstract motifs; hybrids of the painterly and the techie. Those new-age digital prints are regularly updated with new designs; all of them reflecting vibrant urban aesthetics, seasonal mood, and an affinity to the natural landscape expressed in a modern way. They are characterized by impactful contrasts, fluid lines and optical illusions; some of kaleidoscopic nature.


Each of the printed fabrics is uniquely cut, placed and assembled in Australia to produce a precious one-of-a-kind piece. Offering such customization at best prices possible is Social Order’s most proud achievement! Every single woman on earth deserves a special treatment and the privilege to look and feel like nobody else!


Feeling safe about the quality of the fabrics and materials being used liberates your mind from practical considerations and allows you to be more creative. Enjoy the process, starting from the impression you want to make. Looking cute or sexy, professional or laid-back? Then focus on the item in question. Do you need a rather short, a mini or a midi number? If the occasion is not that formal, then go for a semi-formal or cocktail dress. And if you’ve just received a black-tie invite, break the rules and create an unconventional evening gown. Show up at the party with something elegant that best reflects your personality.


These days most fabrics, fabric blends, related techniques and combinations of materials being used for garments are a result of extensive research and experimentation coinciding with the effort to push the boundaries in the fashion industry as a whole. Social Order is in tune with this spirit, not only suggesting functional and beautiful new-era fabrics but giving you the opportunity to play with them, trying on multiple combinations of silhouettes and prints. Through an online platform of customization you actively participate in trends that revolutionize fashion!


Bring about bliss and innovation to your wardrobe through a collection that can adjust to your special preferences.  You don’t need to draw, buy the fabric, cut and sew by yourself. You don’t need to visit a pattern-maker, a designer showroom, a seamstress or a tailor. No time-consuming fittings and in-depth discussion. All you need is click Social Order’s website, use the step-by-step online tools, choose design details, send your measurements, add the final product(s) in your shopping cart, and order! You’ll receive a garment (or more) that sums up all your requirements translated by the most talented team! It’s all yours!


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