Sophisticated Neutrality

When your custom-made dress is subtle and ethereal, then your makeup should be natural looking.

Neutral shades in both clothing and beauty elevate your original features and silhouette, without exaggerating or covering your innate charm. This season, Social Order references the serene power of nature and the essence of feminine confidence with special-occasion dresses that enhance your own personal style. You clearly define your attitude, choose the details of the dress and order the final product online. The result is pure, comforting, and luxurious!

Neutral make up flatlay


As expected, you only use black, variations of a nude palette and neutral highlighters. Your basic tools are great-quality makeup brushes of different sizes, sponges, and pom-poms. Most frequently used products include concealers, foundations, translucent powders, felt-tip eyeliner, brow gel, and mascara. Quantities should be measured up to your exact needs, and application should happen with gentle moves. First, your face should be properly cleansed and moisturised. And before you wear your precious cocktail dress, set your makeup in place with loose powder to avoid any smudging on the silk fabric!

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You need to get rid of old-fashion fixations, such as heavy makeup necessarily complementing an evening gown. Red-carpet-wise you must have noticed that more and more celebrities deviate from the norm of loud lipstick and dramatic lashes, opting for neutral lips and a luminous gaze. It is mostly the result of good sleep, rather than heavy makeup layering. Social Order’s muse is a confident girl who sets about presenting her strong points to the world, yet defending also the weakest ones. The asymmetries and transparencies in the collection reveal more of her cool and sensual identity. Are you ready to delve into that mystique?

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