Restyle Your Charming Strapless Dress!

Social Order’s Dusk till Dawn collection can be adjusted to your personal style through an online custom-design platform that helps you choose the perfect hem, neckline, silhouette and print. One of the most popular styles is the strapless mini dress in a comfortably fitted style. It’s so easy to wear!


The uniquely positioned futuristic abstract print of your dress comes in both cool and warm shades on white or black background, depending on your mood. In any case, it is praised as an all-purpose, all-occasion piece you can rock all day long, dressing it up and down with accessories and layering. What makes it so wearable is its fine quality silk, smart tech bonding, lining and an array of attractive traits. It’s crease-free, breathable, easy-to-pack for vacations, plus a statement piece, the result of collaboration among Australian creative talent, highly-qualified seamstresses, pattern-makers and cutters.

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In our days, the exciting street style setting stands as your chance to have fun with fashion! Pick mannish shoes, mostly elegant brogues for the day, kitten-heel slingbacks for mid-day events, and ankle-strap stiletto sandals for the evenings. Since you don’t want the shoulder strap to mess with your strapless, take a clutch with you, a bigger and mouldable one for the day and a small one for the evenings. For edgier looks, carry a luxe on-trend backpack with thin leather straps. Add statement jewellery, either oversized earrings or chokers, and short necklaces in general. Layer over it a blazer, a neutral trench coat or a compatibly printed light coat, for the office. Glamorize it with a silk-and-cashmere or shearling stole. Hipsterize it with a blendable skinny silk scarf. Wear your hair into loose curls, a side-braid or a low chignon. Ready to go!

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