Updating The Ethereal Look!

We all love the ethereal nature of all these sheer and light-as-air evening looks going down the runway, sweeping gently the red carpet or dancing with the summer breeze somewhere along the French Riviera, on board of a fancy yacht!

The silk maxi dress is elegant, fragile and sublime. But above all it has a certain innate motion, the same grace that applies to the moves of a ballet dancer.

From serious haute couture to contemporary fashion, lightweight fabrics are taking over, mostly to comply with weather conditions, especially during warmer months. The slip dress, coming directly from a boudoir type of setting, with spaghetti straps and relatively simple design is definitely one of the current options. Yet there are many more, for you to choose and customize according to your personal style!

Flowing white


And as we unfold the most sensitive parts of our personalities, we see more seasonal creations around us that apply to our condition; an ever-lasting summer of love and tenderness! We all have been recently to a wedding or we are planning to attend one. Silk formal dresses are essentials for such events. But above all, an invite to such a romantic event also stands as best excuse for looking your best. This season we delve into our retro mood, adopting lots of lace, frills, drapes, and cascades of fabrics that add a fairytale feel to our look. Crochet and knits mix with chiffon, organza, tulle and the most luscious fabrics. A white silk dress made of the finest materials can be the best wedding gown, even if simple in style, lacking exquisite details and embellishments. We live in the era of minimalism after all. And to a great extent, people look awesome in clean-cut silhouettes executed to perfection!

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On formal occasions, we definitely want to navigate easily through the crowd, move without a single sweat, and maintain our impeccable presence till the last guest leaves the venue. Silk fabric is always breathable and, when sheer or lightweight, it’s also pleasant to wear and touch. It hugs our body like nothing else, follows our contours, and transforms us into confident creatures with an extraordinary touch. Convenient cloths create irresistible looks!


Lightweight, flowy fabrics layered as colorful petals, flares, or fringes around your waistline can create the dramatic effect of an Ancient Greek goddess, especially on a breezy night on the seashore. You can enhance that ethereal vision combining your long silk dress with a slightly wavy hairstyle, allowing your mane to move along with the garment. Compared to a more tailored look, this one has sort of a bohemian vibe that is so much on trend right now, and is always eye-catching. Ethereal outfits, with flowing hemlines, trains or sleeves, are always photographable. They are made for amazons, but they are also made for princesses and fairies! And trust us, they can even visually tame ‘rock stars’ and performing divas; judging from pictures capturing Rita Ora, Rihanna, Pink and Madonna covered with veils of pure romanticism!

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