Made-To-Order Dresses Going Mainstream

If you’re guilty of waiting until last minute to work out what to wear to some fancy ‘do’ – you’re not alone.

 It seems impossible to find that perfect dress when you need it! And everything you come across seems inappropriate or out of reach.

design your own dress

Brick and mortar stores can be helpful because you can touch and feel the product, but who has the time to spend a whole day searching for something specific. Most of the time you spend a whole day looking and finding nothing, or you settle for

something you’re not sold on because you’ve run out of time.

 If you’re like most women, you have a picture in your head of what you want to wear – a certain colour, style or fabric and it’s nearly impossible to tick all the boxes. It sometimes feels like searching for that perfect dress is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

 Custom made dresses have traditionally been an option for high society couture customers… Until now, Social Order has created a one-of-a-kind online design your own dress platform that can help you create the dress of your dreams. Mix and match different styles patterns, cuts, and lengths to make a collection of unique and elegant dresses. visit socialorder

Creating individualised patterns and prints can be a very time consuming and expensive exercise. But it’s all this changing and quickly. By trading online, businesses are able to keep their cost low and pass those saving onto their customers.

The made-to-order trend has been on the rise in many different product niches over the last decade and it’s growing significantly across all other levels of e-commerce.

It’s appealing to customers of all ages and backgrounds. Our lives are speeding up as we try to fit more in and strive to be amazing at everything we do. Our expectations are rising and unfortunately time keeps ticking away – we still only get 24 hours a day no more no less. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, you don’t get extra time. So we start looking at how to prioritise so we have more time for people and things we love.

 The proliferation of online made-to-order goods suggests that many buyers are hungry for customised garments. So it’s clear that the retail industry is getting busy on creating new and innovative ways to capture the imagination of consumers by altering the traditional purchasing experience. But until others catch up, SocialOrder’s dress designing platform is the only site that offers such a service.

 Some retailers approach the made-to-order inspirational trend by customising fits through measurement calculators to produce well fitted garments designed to customer specifications. Others customise style through a menu of options which can be combined in multiple ways to create a somewhat unique end product. No matter how different the approach is the end goal is always the same.

 Creating unique custom made garments while saving time and money is quickly becoming the new shopping experience.


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